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Expert Eye Care

Your eyes are of the utmost importance! Everyone can agree that without healthy eyes, life would change completely. Naturally, it is important to find the right eye doctor who is well versed in eye health and disease prevention to take care of them. Our eye doctors are experts in detecting early signs of disease and in instructing their patients how to take care of their eyes into the future. You will find our staff most helpful and informative.

Your Regional Eye Clinic

Whatever your concern may be, from an active ocular infection to a slowly advancing condition like macular degeneration or glaucoma, from dry eyes to a diabetic eye check, or simply a routine eye exam and an eyeglasses and/or contact lens prescription, we can help. Your eyes and vision are vastly complex; allow us the privilege of providing you the peace of mind that your eyes and vision are “taken care of.”

Come visit our eye clinic at Village Square in Redmond. We are accepting new patients. We accept just about all medical insurances and VSP and NBN. For a list of the insurances we take, click here.

Dry eyes are a common problem especially as we age and spend hours looking at computer screens. We specialize in solving the riddle of dry eyes and have access to the latest treatment modalities and eye drops. Some patients experience tearing as their eyes react to the environment. The dry, itchy feeling your eyes have may be readily solved after we analyze your tear film. Dry eyes is a chronic condition for most people who suffer from it but we can typically treat it with specialized eye drops.

Also feel free to browse our specilaized optical area with hand picked brands and the market’s latest designer eyewear trends! Make an eye exam appointment by calling 425-885-3574 or using our form. We are conveniently located in Redmond WA.